Deadstate: Bunker

Bunker is one of the game modes along with Campaign, Arena, and Expedition. A group of heroes explores the mysterious underground structure floor by floor and receives rewards for successful completion. There are 600 floors in the Bunker. Their number will increase as the game is updated.

They found the entrance to the Bunker sixteen hours ago. A combination lock, a purple hexagon, a massive steel door, and a mystery, waiting to be unraveled. All this makes you excited, intoxicated with curiosity, forcing you to forget about caution.

The floors of the Bunker fall in one of the two categories: easy or hard. Easy ones play out without restrictions, and hard ones add conditions. For example, only a Specialist and a Sniper or a representative of the ‘Home Guard’ faction can pass a floor.

Mary went missing first. She simply stepped into one of the three openings and disappeared without even having time to scream. I was the first to notice that something was wrong. The cautious rustle of four pairs of legs turned into an uncertain tread of three people. We looked at each other and understood each other without having to say anything. Move on. Mary will not return.

The number of rewards depends on the level — difficult floors involve obtaining fragments of a rare hero, and simple floors — an unusual hero. Aside from that, in the Bunker, you can find a good amount of vaccines.

David was next. He stopped too often to look for supplies, slowed his pace, and couldn’t keep up. Mary disappeared quietly, but David managed to swear before a bloated zombie in the form of a fireman grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. Samantha and I rushed in different directions — this damn facility looked too much like a maze. Only instead of the Minotaur, other monsters lived here.

What to do if you can’t pass a floor?

If only one hero is permitted to enter the floor, choose the one who is better at clearing large groups of enemies. The hero needs to be leveled up until he becomes equal in strength to a group of opponents. This may take some time, so be patient. For these floors, the survivor will receive a larger reward.

I am alone. A creepy zombie woman with huge claws, like a witch, roams the floor. I run from cover to cover, collecting items that can help me survive. Someone carefully left a weapon here. And… strange diaries of laboratory research. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get out of here. Or perhaps I will find answers to all questions in one of these diaries before I die.

Completion info

Pay attention to the logic by which the completion info is built. When you view walkthrough records against a floor, it shows the last players who visited the Bunker, not the team that cleared the selected floor. These are general statistics.




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Deadstate: Heroes

Deadstate: Heroes

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